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Technical Services

Naval Repairs

ECS 360 shipping offers ship repair services at both departure and destination ports, or even along the sea crossing. Whether electrical, electronic, mechanical or steel, in ECS360 Shipping we offer you a solution.

The field of naval repairs is very demanding in terms of quality standards and reliability, therefore, ECS360 Shipping has a team of professionals with knowledge and ability to perform all types of repairs on a ship.


  • Machining of parts in workshop and machining in Situ.
  • Manufacture of shafts of all types (including pump shafts)
  • Fabrication of ferrules (bronze, polyamides, steel, graphite, etc …)
  • Manufacture of crowns and pinions of all kinds.
  • Thermal treatments.
  • Manufacture of bolts and support.
  • Machining of impellers and pump turbines.
  • Boring of lodgings.
  • Polishing of hydraulic rods.


We perform the following mechanical works:

  • Alignment of engines.
  • Crankshaft replacement.
  • Change and repair of bushings, shirts, pistons …
  • Change and repair of cylinder heads.
  • Repair of gas-oil pumps, injectors and speed regulators.
  • Repair of all types of pumps.
  • Repair of clutches and reducers.
  • Balancing of shafts and rotors.
  • Repair of turbochargers.
  • Maintenance / repair of propulsion engines.
  • Installation of new machinery.
  • Refrigeration, commissioning and new installations.
  • Ultrasonic tests, magnetic particles, penetrating liquids in parts subjected to great efforts.
  • Exchangers.
  • Anchor and chains


Our welding services:

  • Substitution and / or replacement of plates in structures, decks and hulls of ships.
  • Repair of coils.
  • Repair / renewal of ballast lines.
  • Repair and renovation of all types of pipes and systems.
  • Renewal of steel with approved personnel.
  • Repair of boilers.
  • Steels in ballast or cargo tank.
  • Repair / renewal of steel damage.
  • Repair / renewal of hatch covers and associated mechanisms.
  • Renewal of rails for the displacement of crane bridges and portico cranes.
  • Tank manufacturing.
  • Aluminum scales.

Electrical and electronics.

We perform the following mechanical works:

  • Mega test.
  • Insulation of rotor & stator.
  • Bow thruster electric motor.
  • Cargo pumps.


  • Rename of vessel ad/or repainting.
  • Funnel painting.
  • Ballast tank painting.


  • Cargo hoes.
  • Gas detector.
  • UTI.

Our workshop for afloat repair

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