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Technical Services

Technical Services

ECS 360 shipping offers ship repair services at both departure and destination ports, or even along the sea crossing. Also we provide technical services like as Ship buildings projects, a float repairs, dry-docking,  vessel project management and NDT services.

Dry-docking assistance on repair and negotations and technical spare parts to the ship.

We act as intermediaries for owners of ships that require dry dock repairs. We advise on the most appropriate levees, and we make sure that the established terms and conditions are met.

ECS360 Shipping is in charge of the negotiation of invoices in the shipyard and offers legal assistance for the fulfillment of the landfill contracts.

As for spare parts, we can provide the parts required by our client’s ship for the execution of its repair, always ensuring the highest quality and price optimization.

Marpol management and tank cleaning operation

In the occasions in which the merchandise transported by the tank is contaminant, dangerous or simply dirty the walls of the tank itself, it is necessary to carry out a deep cleaning of this to facilitate the repair and to avoid accidents.

ECS360 Shipping is responsible for the cleaning and management of waste derived from it in cargo carrying tanks.

Gas free.

Our workshop for afloat repair

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