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Marine surveyor and Consultants

Ship Management

ECS360 shipping has a long experience in ship management and in compliance with regulations and mandatory standards in force, whose purpose is ship safety, environmental protection and quality of service.

We are dedicated to the elaboration of manuals, plans and other technical documentation according to what is dictated in the maritime international conventions and Spanish legal system in maritime matters required of ships.

We also conducted audits to check compliance with the ISM codes (for the
management of safe boat operations and prevention of pollution), ISPS (International Ship and Port Facility Security Code) and MLC 2006 (Maritime
Labor Convention) ); as well as advice to face a private inspection or vetting.

Shipping business consultants

We offer legal, accounting and tax advice to all types of maritime professionals with the aim of carrying out safe operations for their businesses and clients, as well as the management of port authorizations.

Our team of experts offer all the relevant tools (reports, documents …) in order to provide all the necessary information before carrying out an operation.

Marine claims and accident investigation – Insurances surveyors

In order to avoid any inconvenience, ECS360 Shipping has a studied incident investigation process and corrections of these, thus avoiding failures in the safety regulations, both on the ship and at the environmental level.

On the other hand, by having a repair area we can make the relevant corrections in the shortest possible time, avoiding delays in ships, leaving intact the reputation of your company with respect to your customers.

Legal Maritime Assistance

The legal department ECS360 shipping is a specialist in legal issues in nautical matters.

We offer a complete legal service in order to advise and assist our clients in their business and operations. Our activities in this department range from consulting, writing legal writings and contracts, to legal assistance if necessary.

Our workshop for afloat repair

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