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Marine surveyor and Consultants

Management, coordination and execution of charters

ECS360 Shipping has extensive experience in the hiring of maritime transport in chartering (both bareboat, time charter and voyage charter).

We manage contracts and carry out the work of intermediary between charterer and chartered to control a safe and legal operation.

Ship Broker

ECS360 Shipping is acting as a specialist intermediaries/negotiators between ship owners and charters to arrange ocean transport of goods and commodities by sea, the employment of a vessel or to buy/sell ships on behalf of his client.

The legal aspects are part of our skills their role, our brokers have legal qualifications and extensive experience wich they may have built up over several years of on-the-job training.

Pre-purchase survey, on/off hire inspection

Conducting a preliminary inspection of a purchase operation is a fundamental step to avoid future problems and economic losses.

The ECS360 Shipping Team has a department of expertise and experts in ship management responsible for carrying out inspections of the ship for a safe and satisfactory purchase.

Furthermore our marine surveyors thanks their experience can conduct on/off hire inspection.

Our workshop for afloat repair

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