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Maritime and Port Operation

Marine and Inport Operations

Being in continuous contact with ships and all maritime and port operations
give us a key advantage in all types of management carried out within the

Ship Agencies

ECS360 Shipping, thanks to the knowledge and contacts it has in the international port area, and in order to provide a 360 service to our customers, it offers ship agency services for the legal representation of shipowners to third parties.

A work that consists of the intermediation between shipowners and port and administrative authorities, as with private companies, for the management of any operation.

Our ship agency is a specialist in Big Projects processes, that is, bulky goods, industrial machinery and any load that requires a special adapted vehicle.

Loading and unloading operation. Planning and Execution of Stowage.

ECS360 Shipping is a specialist in the planning and placement, storage and distribution of merchandise, as well as the loading and unloading of this in the vessel, whatever its size or weight.

We understand the crucial importance of stowage before embarking on transport across the sea, taking into account the location and stability of the cargo in order to avoid accidents.

Our specialty is emergency cases in which the cargo has not been properly stowed. ECS360 Shipping is responsible for replanning and reconfiguring in
order to avoid problems again. PRESERVING THE SAFETY TO IMPROVE

In addition, we also exercise the expertise function to control the quality of the cargo and stowage on behalf of the owner of this.

It should be noted that ECS360 Shipping is part of the international network Cargo World Alliance, one of the most powerful networks worldwide.

Ship and Port Fumigation Services

ECS360 shipping offers disinfection and fumigation solutions for ships in port. We carry out fumigations without risks, with first quality products and under current regulations. In addition to an effective way to prevent the inactivity of the ship for the shortest possible time.

Cargo Survey/Load and discharge control in terminals

Due to the dimensions of the ports in which we operate the transport of cargo between terminals and their control is an essential service that ECS360 shipping offers its customers.

We have the knowledge and the technological and computer resources that allow us to offer our clients information and an integral control of the location of their cargo.


ECS360 Shipping has a customs department formed by the best professionals in order to inform, advise and execute legal and fiscal actions in this field.

Our years of experience as a customs administration allows us to offer our clients a professional service with an excellent quality, since the knowledge of the operation of the customs in ports facilitates and expedites the procedures of any operation.

Our solid reputation is reflected in the certification as Authorized Economic Operators (AEO).

Our workshop for afloat repair

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